Sothink Logo Maker Professional, V 4.4, Build 4625

(Full Version)


Design a Professional Logo with Just a Few Clicks Even If You Know Nothing About Graphic Designing or Photoshop

Sothink Logo Maker Pro, V 4.4, Full Version - Iftikhar University


Iftikhar University is a platform where you can find and download premium stuff for free and we try to provide softwares with patch files to have the benefit of the full version softwares.


This blog is created in an attempt to benefit those who are struggling for online learning but do not have enough money to buy good softwares or courses to be used for their learning. But, very importantly, Iftikhar University encourages the persons, who get free softwares and courses from here, that when they are making good money after their learning online, then they should also buy the softwares or courses to support the developers.


It is a paid software, the value of which is about 60 dollars, but Iftikhar University is giving you also a patch file to register this software to a full version and get all the benefits of registered software.

Scroll down to get Download Link for Sothink Logo Maker Professional Full Version.

Open the link given below and download this software.

After downloading, install it on your PC by following the instructions for the software installation wizard.

This is a full version software now and you can open the installed software and use it at your own convenience and get all the benefits of a registered software without paying any money. You can get your logo in 1 minute now with this software.  This new build is released with new templates.

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  • You can make your professional business logo.
  • You can place your logo on shirts, cards, blogs, websites, etc.
  • You can create the logo for your mobile apps, games, etc.
Sothink Logo Maker Pro, V 4.4, Full Version - Iftikhar University


  • This software comes with over 2000 color schemes that are preset for any DIY design. You can choose the dominant colors and patterns. You can use four-color palettes for your logo to look more colorful.
  • You can use rich effect styles from shadow, bevel, to gradient, just with one click. You can convert text into shapes and make text logos and give your logo a unique style.
  • Using WYSIWYG interface, you can use hand-drawing tools to draw logo elements. These tools include pen, pencil, brush and more. So, you can create unique logos both for personal and business usage.
  • This software comes with 450+ free logo templates and more than 5000 logo resources. For logo designs, this software supports importing different file formats including PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, SVG and SWF.
  • This software has user-friendly interface to create logo easily. With just a few mouse clicks, smart paint tools, you can quickly duplicate logo styles and elements.
  • There is diversity to logo design choices with exclusive hollow and split tools. You can design from rainbow texts and monogram, to doodle, and you can feel free to mix and match all effects.

Click the button below and download Sothink Logo Maker Professional Full Version!mQdTiKqb!32QcjYGTwpT8eSH1wf1amXIR0DAKEMbfcqxXIDVTYhg

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