Learn to De-Stress Fast with Massage & Positive Self-Talk!

Learn Relieve Stress and Get Your Emotions Back On Track Naturally with Chinese Acupressure Massage and Positive Self-Talk!

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Course Name:  Learn to De-Stress Fast with Massage & Positive Self-Talk!

Platform:  Udemy

Created by:  Dr. Jakob Bargak, Dr. Michelle Pain

Last Updated:  June 2016

Language:  English

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Learn to De-Stress Fast with Massage & Positive Self-Talk! - Iftikhar University

·        Maintain Composure in Stressful Situations
·        Learn Fast, Simple Ways to De-Stress & Relax

·        Internet access, an open mind, a willingness to apply what you learn and ask questions to support their own learning

'Learn to de-stress fast with massage and positive self-talk!' is a course you can take which teaches you how to be more involved in your own health care, by using brief physical and mental strategies you can use in times and places that suit you. 

Dr Jakob Bargak has created a series of video clips which show you how to use self massage to bring about reduced tension under various circumstances. Dr Michelle Pain has created a series of videos that is based on principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (that is, paying attention to the things you think and do), with productive thoughts and strategies suggested.

The topics covered include:
  • Deep Breathing techniques
  • Using positive self talk (including tips to using imagery, and why positive self talk works)
  • What is acupressure, how to perform acupressure, and who benefits from acupressure
  • Some specific demonstrations and treatments are suggested for:
            Anxiety, and
            Sport and Fitness... Over 50 videos of content!

This course is suitable for anybody who notices they feel stressed, and want to know more about taking action to reduce their own stress levels, either without taking medication or as an adjunct to to the care offered under medical supervision.

The course is largely video-based. It should take about 2 hours to try out all the material at least once, but then students may wish to re-visit those topics which they found most applicable to their individual circumstances. Eventually, with repeated use, it is expected that students would not need to refer to the course material at all because they know what works for them and how to do it.


·        People who have trouble relaxing & managing stress
·        Entrepreneurs, Office Workers, Business Owners, Students
·        Someone who is in stressful line of work
·        Someone who wants all-natural, effective & safe ways to de-stress


Instructors of this course are Dr. Jakob Bargak and Dr. Michelle Pain.

Dr. Jakob Bargak:  He has a 30-year experience in treating patients with success! During the time, he has always used treatment methods that help people fast and effectively without side effects.  Acupressure has made it possible for him to do so. It can treat various diseases of the nervous system, lungs, heart, stomach and other organs. It can also provide emergency help e.g. with infections and poisonings. He applied the acupressure to treat both children and adults.

Dr. Michelle Pain:  She is a Sport Psychologist from Australia, who enjoys teaching others how to use sport psychology techniques, based on her 25+ years of experience as a sport psych and tertiary educator.  She has worked with athletes in a range of sports, from recreation level through to the elite level.

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