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Iftikhar University is a Free Platform for learning online where you can find and download premium stuff for free, including different online courses, softwares, Blogger and WordPress Themes and Templates, Articles, Tutorials, etc, used to enhance knowledge about online work and earning, as well as useful Articles on different topics and Tips and Tricks about Information Technology.

Stuff present on this blog includes both Free stuff as well as Premium stuff (but provided for free to the readers of this blog).


The intention behind giving this Premium stuff for Free is just to serve the community for good, and to provide the paid stuff for free to those persons and students, who want to learn online or offline but have no enough money to pay for course fees or to buy paid softwares and other paid services. 

Please Note:  Iftikhar University is a blog that is created in an attempt to benefit those who are struggling for online learning but do not have enough money to buy good softwares or courses to be used for their learning. But, very importantly, Iftikhar University encourages the persons, who get free softwares and courses from here, that when they are making good money after their learning online, then they should also buy the softwares or courses to support the developers. Your support will encourage the developers to develop more awesome softwares, etc. and in return, the humanity will be served.


To access all the above-mentioned stuff any time at your own convenience, just visit this Iftikhar University blog.

For any suggestions, queries and concerns, feel free to contact via email given below:

Contact Email:  iftikharblogs@gmail.com

Your opinions, suggestions and comments are highly appreciated.

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